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One Family – Volume XXI, Issue 19


The Hope of Love in Darkest Days – Volume XXI, Issue 18


Choosing Redemption Over Regret – Volume XXI, Issue 17


SACRIFICE – Volume XXI, Issue 16


Never Assume – Volume XXI, Issue 15


The Shepherd and the Sheep – Volume XXI, Issue 14


The Hope to Calm Our Fears – Volume XXI, Issue 13


Living Water – Volume XXI, Issue 12


Make Us One – Volume XXI, Issue 11


Pour Into – Volume XXI, Issue 10


Raise Your Eyes – Volume XXI, Issue 9


You Gotta Go Get It! – Volume XXI, Issue 8


When “we” and “them” become US – Volume XXI, Issue 7


Listen, Trust, Follow, Repeat – Volume XXI, Issue 6


We All Need Hope – Volume XXI, Issue 5

His name will be the hope of all the world.

God Can’t Use Me – Volume XXI, Issue 4

God will do amazing things. Just say Yes!

He Meets Us in the Storms – Volume XXI, Issue 3

Do you see Jesus in your storm?

I Am The Cat – Volume XXI, Issue 2

“What you do to care for someone, you do for me.”

All the Broken People – Volume XXI, Issue 1

Brokenness is all around. Have you noticed?

Living Hope – Volume XX Issue 52

Even in these days, we have Hope.

Great Joy – Volume XX, Issue 51

Where do you find your joy?

Prince of Peace – Volume XX, Issue 50

So where is this peace on earth?

Light Of The World – Volume XX, Issue 49

Been living in darkness lately?

For His Honor and Glory – Volume XX, Issue 48

Are you genuine? Are you real?

Something to Remember – Volume XX, Issue 47

All glory and thanks to God!

A Quiet Time – Volume XX, Issue 46

Do you need some quiet time?

It isn’t about them. It’s us. – Issue XX, Volume 45

How will God ever heal our land?

Following in His Footsteps – Volume XX, Issue 44

Show up. Serve God. Share Him. It’s important.

We of Little Faith – Volume XX, Issue 43

It’s time for our faith to grow. Are you ready?

Get used to different – Volume XX, Issue 42

God calls us to be different. Are you?

Your Foundation – Volume XX, Issue 41

Faith without God is like a house built on sand.

The Timing of Things – Volume XX, Issue 40

Got a handle on God’s timing?

Comparing Lives – Volume XX, Issue 39

Need a handsome wall plaque?

How to Mend the Division – Volume XX, Issue 38

Do you hear the roaring lion?

Voices Who Cheer Us – Volume XX, Issue 37

Blessed are those who encourage us.

Just say…Yes! – Volume XX, Issue 36

God gives courage to those who follow Him.

A Sweet Aroma – Volume XX, Issue 35

Are you the aroma of Christ?

With Arms Raised High – Volume XX, Issue 34

Jesus loves the little children. Are you one?

A Routine Failure…that’s what I am – Volume XX, Issue 33

What do you routinely fail at?

Hallelujah in the Name of the Lord – Volume XX, Issue 32

Rejoicing in the morning.

What’s Most Important – Volume XX, Issue 31

Keep your eyes on the prize.

Love for a Neighbor – Volume XX, Issue 30

Following Jesus in a COVID world.

What We Must Do! – Volume XX, Issue 29

Be quick to listen, slow to speak, even slower to post.

Miracle on the Lake…Part 2. The Rescue – Volume XX, Issue 28

A miracle is just God doing His thing.

Miracle on the Lake…Part 1. God’s Timing – Volume XX, Issue 27

Had a change of plans lately?

The Next Right Thing To Do – Volume XX, Issue 26

Need a change in your life?

When God meets our Greatest Needs – Volume XX, Issue 25

Has life become too much?

Stand Together – Volume XX, Issue 24

Are you ready to see justice done?

CHAOS – Volume XX, Issue 23

How is it going in a world of Chaos?

Misplaced Hope – Volume XX, Issue 22

Where do you place your hope?

Lost Our Way – Volume XX, Issue 21

Feeling a bit lost these days?

He is with us! He is for us! – Volume XX, Issue 20

Need a blessing?

A Different Look at Mother’s Day – Volume XX, Issue 19

Think Mother’s Day is not for you?

The Light at the Inn – Volume XX, Issue 18

The way through COVID-19.

You Can’t Out-Give God – Volume XX, Issue 16

Do we trust God with…everything?

The Only Way – Volume XX, Issue 15

Looking for another way?

It’s Time to Stand Together – Volume XX, Issue 14

Stand Firm! You can do this.

Show Me Something!…it goes both ways. – Volume XX, Issue 13

Ever ask God for something…to know He’s there?

Love Over Fear – Volume XX, Issue 12

What to do when fear closes in.

The Champagne Fountain – Volume XX, Issue 11

Ever had a plan go a bit wrong?

Put Your Hope in God – Volume XX, Issue 10

Do you hope in God?

Let… – Volume XX, Issue 9

Is your heart ever troubled?

You Are The Wonder – Volume XX, Issue 8

Keep the light shining bright!

I am weak, But You Are Strong – Volume XX, Issue 7

Are you alone in the storm?

Beyond Our Mistakes – Volume XX, Issue 6

Do you need a second chance?

Our Promise to Pray – Volume XX, Issue 5

Do you pray…when you say you will?

Be A Hero – Volume XX, Issue 4

Who is this all about, anyway?

Two Thoughts – Volume XX, Issue 3

People everywhere are hurting.

The Way to Follow – Volume XX, Issue 2

Ready for an adventure?

Thank You for the Day – Volume XX, Issue 1

Hardships today make us stronger for tomorrow.

It’s the Little Things – Volume XIX, Issue 52

Have a Merry Christmas all Happy New Year long!

The Greatest Gift – Volume XIX, Issue 51

Are you thankful this Christmas?

Uncle Jim’s Thanksgiving – Volume XIX, Issue 50

Do they know they are loved?

Transformed and Thankful – Volume XIX, Issue 49

What do you think about the new you?

That Chair – Volume XIX, Issue 48

Come alone with me to a quiet place…Mark 6:31

Give Thanks to the Lord – Volume XIX, Issue 47

What are you really thankful for?

Living Together In Prayer – Volume XIX, Issue 46

We talk about prayer, but do we live it?

Three Little Words – Volume XIX, Issue 45

We are family…we need each other.

At My Table – Volume XIX, Issue 44

Let the morning bring me word…Psalm 143:8

Your Are Not Forgotten – Volume XIX, Issue 43

To our friends in Africa, we need you.

Untangling My Mess – Volume XIX, Issue 42

Cast your burdens on God; He will hold you up. 1

A Spectator Sport – Volume XIX, Issue 41

Spiritual Growth is about Spiritual Battles.

A Matter of Faith – Volume XIX, Issue 40

Faith is not just about us…after all.

NICE THINGS (somebody has to offer them) – Volume XIX, Issue 39

The nice things you do can light up a life.

When We Feel Worthless – Volume XIX, Issue 38

Does your life ever feel meaningless?

Will Anyone Miss You? – Volume XIX, Issue 37

Do you want to be remembered?

When is good enough…good enough? – Volume XIX, Issue 36

Do we really want to be perfect?

Prayer Changes People – Volume XIX, Issue 35

When you pray, do you hold back?

Want a Guarantee? – Volume XIX, Issue 34

Need someone you can trust?

The Right Answer – Volume XIX, Issue 33

If Jesus asks…do you love Him?

God’s Got This! – Volume XIX, Issue 32

Got faith? Need more?

The DISRUPTORS! – Volume XIX, Issue 31

Just blending in these days?

Sandpaper People – Volume XIX, Issue 30

Anyone rub you the wrong way?

Our One Job – Volume XIX, Issue 29

Do what I do. See what I see. Hear what I hear.

When Walls Cave In – Volume XIX, Issue 28

I know what I want for my Birthday!

What’s Wrong with Us – Volume XIX, Issue 27

Choosing anger over forgiveness?

The Story of a Blister – Volume XIX, Issue 26

God creates for a purpose.

What Are The Odds? – Volume XIX, Issue 25

Protect your witness!

Not with a whimper… – Volume XIX, Issue 24

Do people look at you and see Jesus?

To be the Children of God – Volume XIX, Issue 23

It’s time to be a child again.

Abraham, where are you? – Volume XIX, Issue 22

Is it time to move?

Rain or Shine! – Volume XIX, Issue 21

Are you doing what God is leading you to do?

Maybe? – Volume XIX, Issue 20

True confidence is only possible is you believe.

Be Flexible! – Volume XIX, Issue 19

Tangled up in problems?

The Key to Everything – Volume XIX, Issue 18

Settling for less than what God wants?

Never Give Up – Volume XIX, Issue 17

Ever want to just…give up?

What His Death Did Not Mean – Volume XIX, Issue 16

Do people see Jesus alive in you?

How Can We Endure It? – Volume XIX, Issue 15

When life grows hard, what will you do?

How to Bring Peace in Our Turmoil – Volume XIX, Issue 14

Do you have peace when things go wrong?

God’s Mysterious Ways – Volume XIX, Issue 13

God wants us to know Him. Are you ready?

A True Friend – Volume XIX, Issue 12

What kind of friend are you?

A Self Serving Man – Volume XIX, Issue 11

Are your prayers consistent…God centered…specific?

Love is a Verb. Live it! – Volume XIX, Issue 10

Is love the first thing we do?

Beyond the Horizon – Volume XIX, Issue 9

God, why won’t you tell me?

Success that Matters – Volume XIX, Issue 8

In a world of failure, how do you define success?

Get Them ALL! – Volume XIX, Issue 7

If we love God, we do what He tells us to do.

When the Job is Gone – Volume XIX, Issue 6

If I lose my job, I will still trust God.

Hurrying Through the Day – Volume XIX, Issue 5

Too much yes, too little rest?

A Cluttered Life – Volume XIX, Issue 4

Living an uncluttered life? Want to?

Skylights – Volume XIX, Issue 3

Who do people see through you?

The Lilburn Icon – Volume XIX, Issue 2

The bitterness in our hearts.

A New Year’s Resolution – Volume XIX, Issue 1

Life going crazy?

My Charlie Brown Christmas – Volume XVIII, Issue 52

Lonely at Christmas?

A Time to be Clear – Volume XVIII, Issue 51

Know the true meaning of Christmas?

Who Is This Child? – Volume XVIII, Issue 50

God with us…how can it be?

As I Have Loved You – Volume XVIII, Issue 49

Would you give your life to save another?

My Dad’s Tools…in My Hands – Volume XVIII, Issue 48

Are you ready for war?

We Will Follow Them Into Battle – Volume XVIII, Issue 47

Do you hear the trumpets sound?

With Many Thanks – Volume XVIII, Issue 46

Got gratitude in your attitude?

A Call for Help – Volume XVIII, Issue 45

Would you answer a call for help?

The Long Wait – Volume XVIII, Issue 44

Fly like an eagle…and wait.

Dancing With Expectation – Volume XVIII, Issue 43

Don’t be afraid. God is with you!

You just won’t believe how big it is! – Volume XVIII, Issue 42

The Hitchhiker’s Guide and Jesus’ Love…..what?

A Life of Humility – Volume XVIII, Issue 41

The road to a full life is called…Humility.

How To Have A Full Life – Volume XVIII, Issue 40

Life is about the doing.

Cooler Weather – Volume XVIII, Issue 39

Still trying to manage everything?

My Position Is Privilege – Volume XVIII, Issue 38

When illness is a privilege.

Out of Control – Volume XVIII, Issue 37

Are you out of control?

When Hearts Become Stone – Volume XVIII, Issue 36

I do not worship statues.

Get Out Of The Boat! – Volume XVIII, Issue 35

God, carry us through our darkest night.

You Are With Me – Volume XVIII, Issue 34

Is anyone there?

One…not always a lonely number – Volume XVIII, Issue 33

When many become One!

Be Reconciled – Volume XVIII, Issue 32

Live together in harmony…or not.

Division, It’s Not Just Math – Volume XVIII, Issue 31

Together we stand. Divided we fall.

Going Forward – Volume XVIII, Issue 30

To go forward, we must forgive.

When Least Expected – Volume XVIII, Issue 29

Seize the opportunity to encourage!

One Person at a Time – Volume XVIII, Issue 28

Do we see the individual or the crowd?

A Tale of Two Guys – Volume XVIII, Issue 27

Who stands with you?

An Unexpected Encourager – Volume XVIII, Issue 26

Encouragement…when you least expect it.

BE! – Volume XVIII, Issue 25

Are you who you claim to be?

The First Move – Volume XVIII, Issue 24

Is your life one of action or reaction?

Lessons from my Granddaughter – Volume XVIII, Issue 23

Who do we trust with our life?

Listen and Follow – Volume XVIII, Issue 22

Life is shaped by those we listen to.

One Step at a Time – Volume XVIII, Issue 21

Does God determine your steps?

Slay the Jabberwock! – Volume XVIII, Issue 20

Honor the Mark! Shine the Light!

Win the Day – Volume XVIII, Issue 19

Are you doing your part?

One People – Volume XVIII, Issue 18

How much effort do we give to being one?

Do We Understand? – Volume XVIII, Issue 17

Do you hear the Battle Cry?

Walking in the Light – Volume XVIII, Issue 16

Do you see all there is to see?

The Piano – Volume XVIII, Issue 15

Does God play the music in your life?