Diagnosed with ALS in the Fall of 2020, Sharon Colwell began journaling her needs for Jesus as each physical function was lost. “So, when I didn’t have any words of my own, I looked to Jesus, my Wonderful Counselor, for help.”  While praying about her physical needs, the Lord brought to mind a new meaning for the ALS acronym, “A Living Savior”. Based on Sharon’s thoughts and experiences of the last year “A Living Savior: Devotions for pALS (people with ALS) And their caregivers and families”  is now available at Amazon.


Through wisdom, humor, and love, she leads us to what matters most — following a Living Savior. — Chuck Graham, Founder, Ciloa International Ministries

A great reminder that we can really live an abundant life of Christ, even with ALS. — Ann Chastain, Co-founder, Blessing Love Box, Ciloa Board of Directors