is what Ciloa stands for!

We unashamedly believe this, so we reach out to everyone. And in order to minister to the entire Body of Christ, we are not formally aligned with any one denomination or association.

Our signature scripture can be found in the
Bible book of Hebrews chapter 3 verse 13.

But encourage one another daily,

                                                as long as it is called Today …

We believe in Jesus, the Son of God, and follow His command to love one another. At the very core of this command is the call for all Christians to encourage one another. And that’s what we do—sharing God’s love by encouraging others and teaching them how to become encouragers.


A Note of Encouragement

  • A Note of Encouragement© is a FREE weekly message from friends at Ciloa.
  • Through these Notes, it is our sincere hope, desire, and prayer that you will find a moment of comfort in knowing there are others who care specifically for you.
  • Your strength will help get you through this day with your own witness of Christ clear, intact, and unharmed (for that is the calling for each of us).

Encourage Others Now!

  • Encourage Others Now! – EON! has been designed specifically for small groups.
  • The study material is designed for small groups as a round table discussion to provide teaching of Biblical encouragement as well as the sharing of ideas, questions, concerns, and experiences.
  • While the material is also useful for larger presentations, a small group provides more opportunities for others to share their experiences of when they were encouraged and when they weren’t, when others tried to encourage them but failed, and when they wanted to encourage someone but did not know what to say or do.


  • Chuck has spoken in churches, ministries, conferences, and seminars, blending his experiences as a Christian attorney, church leader, counselor, and Executive Director of Ciloa.
  • Chuck has spoken to groups for over ten years now.


The Company – A parable for our time

A meteor explodes into the planet, shrouding the world in darkness. Amid the death and destruction, one village has survived. Without power, the Brigons struggle to live. Then a stranger comes, offering help from a mysterious source known only as the Company. It will cost them…everything.

You can pickup this book on amazon.

Take the Stand…

Exploring what the author considers the delusion many Christians are under that they promote the Gospel, this book is a challenge to those living a casual Christian lifestyle–convenient, social Christianty–to take a stand and live a committed Christian life.

You can pickup this book on amazon.

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